About Me:

Dr Hima Bindu has worked as a consultant in paediatric endocrinology at Leeds teaching hospitals, one of the biggest NHS trusts in the UK. She has in-depth clinical expertise in paediatric endocrinology clinics, joint disorders of sexual development (DSD) clinics with paediatric surgeons, gender identity development clinics, obesity clinics and transition lead for paediatric endocrinology. She is a member of the prestigious British and European society of paediatric endocrinologist. Dr Hima has been awarded the 2009 Sir Peter Tizard bursary from the British paediatric surveillance unit to undertake a 13-month study to identify important aspects of autoimmune Addison's disease in the paediatric population in the UK. Dr Bindu has an active interest in the medical student, undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. She has been an instructor in Msc child health modules and resuscitation courses. growth and puberty disorders in children, neonatal and childhood hypoglycaemia, Disorders of Sexual Development (DSD), Gender Identity Development, childhood Obesity, metabolic bone disease, late effects of childhood cancer, Type 1 & 2 diabetes in children, pituitary conditions, adolescent gynaecology and transition endocrinology specifically aimed at adolescents with hormone problems.